Dynamic text box - something's wrong

Hi! I can’t seem to paste text into a dynamic text box (about 100 x 100px) without it expanding lengthwise to accomodate almost all the text I paste. My goal is to use a scrollbar, but the box keeps expanding… the scrollbar works but only scrolls about one line when I test movie, since most of the text is already displayed.

I’ve tried repeatedly. I’ve tried hand typing in text. This is happening when I select dynamic text, input text or any other kind of text!! I’ve set it to multiline, to allow select, to allow html and to put a border on. I’ve included an instance name.

If I resize the box, the text squishes so that is not working either.

??? any suggestions? Is there some setting I may have inadvertantly done to create this problem?

Make sure you have the properties set to multi line and not single line.

Oh - you did.

:slight_smile: hey … ya know what it was? there’s some contextual stuff if you right-click the box with the selection tool. I needed to pick “scrollable” there

not one of 3 books mentioned this!

:slight_smile: thanks flex and all for your attention to the matter tho!