Scroll bar problem

i have quite a lot of text going into a textbox with a scrollbar, this works, but for some reason half of the text gets cut off?! I’ve tried making the text smaller but its still not working?! would anyone happen to know whats wrong? thx


Have you made your text box DYNAMIC? I’m willing to bet its still on static property. Hight light the box and check the property inspector.


yea its on dynamic…with multiwrap select and everything…

Can u post the fla?

well theres not much to it, its basically the kirupa tutorial…i’ve checked everything, and its even worked in the past but with less text; would this be the problem!?

It should be multiline, not multiwrap.


o yea thats what i meant :slight_smile: so any ideas?

O yea kO2n is right

Hmm, give us the fla and i think i can sort it.

So i’m new to this forum, i am usually found on the macromedia forum. Whats this one like?


i jsut tried attachin but it said its too large…hmm…

but just now i had also tried loading another file with more text and it worked…weird :-\

did u change the text box property from multiline no wrap to multiline ?

yea…i think it might be because of bullet points in my file, because i just tested loading anotehr thing with super dense text and it worked fine…

If you got bullets points render the text box as HTML then it should still work.


hmm i jsut tried that but its not workin…do i havta type in anythin in the url link box?

No. you use that box by highlighting some text then typing a url into the whitearea, in other words your making a hyperlink.

well i moved the text around a bit, and its working for some reason!? hm o well thx for the help though