Dynamic text disappearing - more info

Any pointers in the right direction will earn you a virtual shout :rabbit: Guys, I neglected to mention a few things in my last post about text disappearing:

I have a movie clip (MC) into which a bunch of textfields are dynamically added. MC is masked by a movieclip (maskedView); this is done at runtime. I’ve implemented the scroll bar functionality (which is why I need the mask) and added the dynamic textfields to work so that when one of them is clicked, the corresponding image is shown in a separate movie clip (imgMC).

I’ve been nosing around Flash sites, and mostly it seems as if :
embedFonts needs to be true,
and a new font has to be created, and assigned to each text field.

I’ve done this, but my text still disappear and reappear - sometimes - when I click on the textfields randomly.

Pls help!