Dynamic text field - multiline

I have text coming in via remoting. I can see the text, however it will not multiline for some reason. I have checked the height of the text box and set it to 500 which should be sufficient. Anyone got any ideas? Here is the code:

// CREATING HEADLINE TEXT FORMAT /////////////////////////////////////////
headformat = new TextFormat();
headformat.font = “HelveticaNeue Condensed”;
headformat.bold = true;
headformat.size = 36;
headformat.multiline = true;


// HEADLINE TEXT ////////////////////////////////////////
headLine.text = result.items[0].c_Textline;
headLine.selectable = false;
headLine.multiline = true;
headLine.embedFonts = true;

I figured it out if anyone needs to know for further use - just add this to the existing code

headLine.wordWrap = true;