Dynamic text from external file and html

i have a site that i’m making that is getting its txt dynamically from external .txt files. this is easy but the problem comes when i want to format in a link or some other html code. i have done it before so i know if can be done but i can’t seem to find the source for what i did before.

when the text is displayed it looks like html code in a txt viewer not the way it’s supposed to look in a browser … you can see all the tags n stuff.

yes on the dynamic txt box in flash i have the lil button pressed down that says format txt as html. but it’s not working. i know its something simple that i’m missing … could someone please help

thanks very much

the dynamic text field should contain a var like myText… then at the begining of your text file put myText=“yada yada yada” then like you said format as HTML in flash (I am sure youve done all this, but I had to say it in case)…
Mind you Flash only supports HTML ol.d (:stuck_out_tongue: ) you can only use links and basic text formatting. It seems like what you posted should work… maybe post your fla with a txt?


You shuga,
forget about the variable, this is MX forum, so use MX way:
So in your external file: &content=whatever<tag>linl</tag>etcetc
textfieldInFlash.text=content; (after checking it’s finished loading of course…).
This MUST work!
It’s really time i get the tutorial finished for all this text crap…

here’s the fla and the txt file

what am i doing wrong?

the text field is a symbol on the 6th frame


i tried to attach the file but it was too large … go to http://home.attbi.com/~xsleeperx2/vixie/vix.fla
this is just a site for my experiments … so if anyone who sees it wants to give a crit … they’re welcome … but understand it’s not a finished piece and probably will never be

thanks again