Dynamic Text Problem

I followed the Kirupa Tutorial on creating legible dynamic text with pixel fonts and all looked well on my Mac. I used a pixel font called “Eight Bits.” I showed a friend what I was doing on their Windows machine and it looked terrible. The pixel fonts I used didn’t look at all like they did on my Mac. Is there a setting I’m missing? Is the font I’m using, bad?

Another problem is the popup window on Windows…(scroll bars are showing up. On my mac, the Flash movie fits the popup window perfectly with no scroll bars. If anyone out there can help with any info, I’d really appreciate it! Check out the problem movie at:



Bill :-\

Hey, your font will look like that on any computer that does not have the eight bits font installed. You will need to embed your font outline for it to work on other computers.

As for that pop up window, I high recommend you get rid of it. Many people do not like pop-up windows, and we all especially hate pop up windows that contain to border, and no x button to close, and no close button in the site. The only option we have to close your site is to hit ALT+F4 (windows), and not everyone knows about that shortcut.

To get rid of scrollbars in IE you need to add scroll=“no” into your body tag.