Dynamic text won't load into runtime TextField

I can’t get my text to show in a text field created at runtime within a movieclip on _root. I use a trace statement and it loads into the Output box but is not visible in the textField area. Thanks for help or ideas. btw…there are no masks in the movieClip.

My function for creating it…

// Call the function to create textField
printBtn.onRelease = function() {

// Create the textField
function makeTxtBox(txtFile) {
var txtFile;
txtBox.multiline = true;
txtBox.wordWrap = true;
txtBox.border = false;
txtBox.embedFonts = true;
txtBox.variable = infoText;
txtBox.text = infoText;
trace(txtFile + “<-- LOADED -->” + infoText);
defaultFormat = new TextFormat();
defaultFormat.font = “Futura MdCn BT”;
txtBox.defaultFormat.size = 16;
txtBox.defaultFormat.color = 0x666666;