Dynamic text

I’m having problems loading variables from an external text file into a movieclip in the main timeline. it’s actually about 2 movies within a movie…

so… root.player.song - and then i have the dynamic text box in about the 10th frame or something. i can’t seem to load it in there. can someone help me out?

We’ll probably need to take a look at your fla. I can tell you that root.player.song does not look right, but that is about all I can say right now.

oh… depending on version of Flash, you may use loadvariables() or loadvar() there are several different methods. Would need to know more from you before answering.


if u can email me and i’ll send it to you or you give me your email.


[email protected] - thnx.

send me an email. Just click on my profile and send to me.

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