Dynamic Text?

I dunno if i’m just really obtuse, or what… But for whatever reason, when I run this file, the dynamic text I have inside a movieclip goes blank. I can change the text, and while it’s running I can select it and copy it, so the actual change in text is taking place… but the text is completely invisible. I can still interact with it, and the debugger shows that the text is doing what I want… But I can’t see it.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Simple fix for this one, since you are rotating the textfield you need to embed the font, you are using. To do that, select the text field, click the “properties” tab at the bottom, click “characters”, select the second radio button down, highlight the top 4 options, something like uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, then click okay and it will work.
Good Luck

AH! Thank you! Total lifesaver. :slight_smile: