Dynamic typewriter - help

A while back I downloaded a tute on an AS typewriter effect that worked to great success writing text assigned to a variable in the movie.

I was interested in going a step further and making this feature “type” from a .txt file so I could change the content in the .txt file and dynamically change the text in my swf.

No programmer myself, I did figure out how to get the AS to read from the .txt file =) , but instead of white spaces, the effect types %20 - the HTML substitute for white space. It also prints part of the function in the code (which is probably due to my juryrigged coding). Have only tested locally.

Please take a look at the attached (.fla & .txt files). Any help to correcting my code is greatly appreciated!


have experimented using htmlText properties to no avail. Can anyone help out with this one?


hey … i took a look at your file

i change a few things [size=1][not saying the whole thing][/size]
but it works

thanks - looks great! A touch more elegant than where I was. :wink:

What would be the best way to adjust the speed of the “typing”?

guess you could make the typing as a function and then use setInterval()

i haven’t use it that much so i’m not really sure how to do it …
i’ll give it a try

at this moment i’d just adjust the frame rate

frame rate worked well. Let me know if you discover anything. I need to learn more AS '4 I can call functions on me own, but I’ll work on that.:crazy:

thanks again Kax!

no problem =)

i’ll let you know …

Hello, I have a question regarding the second dynamic typewriter file.

How does Flash determine which textfield it’s filling? The textfield is named screen but it’s not in the code. How can it be altered so that I could tell Flash which textfield to use?

Thanks in advance,

[email protected] :tb:

screen is the variable asigned to the textfield, not its instance name. the instance name is scroller. :wink:


I guess my eyes where still a little bit :sleep:
I’ll get an extra cup of coffee :nerd:


no problem. :wink: