Dynamic variable name


I am trying to make a 2 languages flash website. I need to know if something similar to the following can be done:

var selectedLanguage:String = “PT”; // PT= Português, EN = English, ES = Español

var welcomePT:String = “bem-vindo”;
var welcomeEN:String = “welcome”;

var welcomeSL:String // this is the welcome Selected Language

// what I want to do is add the selected language String to welcomeSL

welcomeSL = ([“welcome”]+selectedLanguage); // this line I don’t know how to write, is just a fake example

trace(welcomeSL); // here I want as result “bem-vindo” or “welcome”

I hope someone can understand me. Anyway I’ll wait someone to help me find the best way to have a site with 2 languages. I want to do it in such way, as a client, I can swap the language anytime I want.

Thanks in advance