Making a Global String Variable visible to MovieClips

Hi all, first post and unfortunately its one asking for help.

I mostly use flash for the animation, so my action script tends to be mostly functional.

I am now however having an issue, i am using a variable called language which I am setting in frame one as “dutch”, “english” , “german” etc…
Im then using this to set dynamic text as appropriate in each frame as necessary.(and yes i may switch this to case statements :hr: )

[COLOR=blue]if (language == “dutch”)
{ tcMC.peasantBubble1.peasantSpeech.text= “Bescherm je een schat?”};[/COLOR]

My problem is however that one Movieclip does not see the language variable.

Is there anway in CS4 i can direct it to where it is, or define the varibale instead to be global (perhaps id have to change it from a string though)?

Thanks for any Help.