Dynamically calling a function

[font=Arial]I’d like to be able to call a function dynamically, ideas?

I saw an example. It doesn’t work, but perhaps it’s a starting point:

myFunctionName = “myFunction”;
_rootmyFunctionName; [/font]
[font=Arial]Thanks, Mike[/font]

That above code works fine for me, you just gotta make sure you define the myFunction function.

function myFunction(args) {
myFunctionName = "myFunction";
_root[myFunctionName]("this is an argument");

Unless this changed for 2k4.

Got it. The original code would work, I had a further complication: I was setting myFunctionName to equal “myClass.myFunction” since I need to dynamically reach a function nested within an instance of a class (is that the right way to say that?). Here’s what works for my senario:
function myFunction(args) {
myClassName = “myClass”;
myFunctionName = “myFunction”;
_root[myClass][myFunctionName](“this is an argument”);

Yep, that is the correct syntax.

However, that is going by if you class is dynamic as well… otherwise you can change

_root[myClass][myFunctionName]("this is an argument");


_root.myClass[myFunctionName]("this is an argument");

and remove the

myClassName = "myClass";

Yep, the class is dynamic, too! Only one level deep tho… so far… :slight_smile: Thanks again.