Dynamically created text and alpha problem

Hi everyone, I have a slight issue with a dynamically created text field I have. Basically I have a movieclip already on stage, and within it, using actionscript I create a text field in it. All that works, however when I animate the alpha of the parent movieclip from 0 to 100, the text field is always there, it never fades in. It looks wierd too, like the movielip will fade in, but the text will be there already without the fade, even though that textfield is inside the movelip

here’s my code;

var my_fmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
my_fmt.font = new TitleFont().fontName;
my_fmt.color = 0xFFFFFF;
my_fmt.bold = true;
my_fmt.font = “Arial”
thumbn.createTextField(“txt_field”, 100, 108, 100, 94, 100);

    thumbn.txt_field.selectable = false;
    thumbn.txt_field.multiline = true;
    thumbn.txt_field.wordWrap = true;
    thumbn.txt_field.autoSize = true;
    thumbn.txt_field.text = loaditems["mvTitle"+i];
    thumbn.txt_field._y = (65 - thumbn.txt_field._height) / 2

var aniProcess:Number = setTimeout(animatein, 100*i, thumbn);

Thanks for any help.