Dynamically (from xml/textfile/stuff) created infinite menu

Hi guys,
I´m looking for a way to extend/rewritte the infinte menu so the content comes some extern source (textfile,xml,db whatever) and updating the thing doesn´t give bad headaches :wink: … i tried by myself to pull the stunt with some yugop style menu customization but here is where i was stopped:
i created a mc that contains the textfileparsing/menuclipcreating/duplicatemovieclip thing which is located in my main-timeline. now i can´t read the _y properties of the menuclips mlocated in the mc in relation to the main-timeline coordinate system - the remain constant because the scroll togehter with their own coordinate system of the containing mc. so i can´t check when a certain menuclip reaches the outer limits of the main-timeline coordinate system so i can relocated it at top/bottom to do seemless scroll … just a mess

ideas/tutorials/plain_help anyone?

thx & greets

p.s. guys, excuse my bad english, haven´t written in that tounge for some time :wink: