Dynamically loading music?

I am wondering on how to dynamically load MP3s…so if anyone knows of a tutorial on it or how to do it, it would be greatly appreciated…thanks for any help…:slight_smile:

i’m just a stranger who wants to know this too, if anyone knows please also tell me how to dynamicly load mpg’s avi’s asf’s or any type of movie files
thank you:cowboy:

I have no clue if this actually works or not, but I guess you can give it a try…

	mySound = new Sound(this);
	mySound.start(1, 99);

It probably doesn’t, but anything is worth a try. I can’t test it out right now.

Hey all,
Ilyas wrote a good tutorial on that not too long ago. You can see the information under “Dynamically Loading MP3 Files” in: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/loading.asp

Kirupa :cyclops:

Excellent, I was looking for that page but your site was down just 2 seconds ago!

PS: Nice shadow effect tutorial

Sweet…thanks…I guess I should have checked the tutorial section a little better before I posted…:slight_smile: