Dynamically loading Titles and Content

Morning folks,

I can think of 2 or 3 ways to create the functionality I am working on.

I am already heavily leaning towards 1 method, but as it is for a very nice girl and I want it to be perfect I though I would let the brain trust @ Kirupa bounce it around for a minute before I dive in.

I am trying to develop a website for her video editing portfolio, it features an “Infinate Menu” with 8 clips on it.

When one of the clips is selscted a window opens for the video to play in and an info box on the piece pops up.

I want to create 2 text files:

  1. Titles

  2. Info

The first text file would have like:

MyTitle1 = “this is clip 1’s title”
MyTitle2 = “this is clip 1’s title”

and the 2nd text file would contain descriptions of each clip

What in everyone’s opinion would be the best way to get the text holder to load the proper data?

The method I was leaning towards was to have each clip in the menu export a variable, then when the window opens it would check which variable was put out and load the apprapo data.

Any suggestions?