Dynamic text n stuff

hi all,

i have this idea…(don’t we all)

i have a photo album (no prob so far)

now when i click on the image i want to load a new movie / mc/ something that shows a nice big image of the pic and has some text boxes giving info about the pic.

these text boxes are simple one or two word deals like “name” “size” “date issued” etc.

i would like the image to load and text associated with the image to be in a text file so that updating of the “image page” is relatively simple (i.e. add line to text box with relevant info and put image in image folder)

i dont actually want a detailed explanation of how to do it, just some pointers about methods and any good tuts about the techniques suggested

thanx in advance

Gary_(trying to do it)_bydesign

hmm … i’m not sure how to go about answering your request.

in my opinion the easiest way to accomplish this is to have an mc that loads which has on each of its frames a loadMovie command to load each image on their respective frames … as well as the associated text.

then your buttons to navigate through there could just say nextFrame(); or prevFrame(); … seems simple enough.

i hope this helps but if you have a more specific question i will be more than happy to give it a try =)

thanx shuga,

i battled on with it and managed to create something near what i want.

(file attached) not too worried about the “polish” so all those little things wrong dont really matter (x=x+1 or x++)

i can even manage to make the pics go where i want (i think)


i am now the proud owner of an array containing all the info, some text boxes and a movie clip to hold the “image”

my real prob is that i want to be able to “update” it easily and i wanted to use a text file for the “array info”. you dont know how i could “populate” my array from an external source on loading?

if you cant help shuga, don worry, be happy lol

Gary_help gratefully accepted_bydesign