E-commerce with dreamweaer

Dreamweaver MX E-Commerce Tutorial
Hello. I am currently build an E-Commerce web site from scratch. I am new to [URL=“http://forums.devshed.com/#”]PHP, MySQL, and Dynamic sites in general but I am [URL=“http://forums.devshed.com/#”]learning. Considering I operate my own [URL=“http://forums.devshed.com/#”]web design [URL=“http://forums.devshed.com/#”]business I want to get into PHP and [URL=“http://forums.devshed.com/#”]Dreamweaver. I am a single man show, so I need to use Dreamweaver for the speed, and [URL=“http://forums.devshed.com/#”]fix errors in code as I go. I was curious if anyone knows where I can get some free tutorials on making an E-Commerce site from scratch, in code, but preferably in DW MX. I do have some extensions but they are free extensions, and don’t deal with PHP. Can anyone give me any tutorials, extensions, or any hints at all, at how I can go about this, without spending money on an Extensions I know nothing about, or a book that may not cover what I want.