PHP, SQL, Dreamweaver MX and, of course, suicide

Incomprehensible! That is the word.

I got a great PHP book and did some forms and things. Seemed easy enough. But, I can’t really connect it with MySQL for ****, have no idea how to update and upload files. An admin page or e-commerce would be nice, but editing OSCommerce makes me quiver and puddle up, roll into a ball and rock back and forth in the corner.

Dreamweaver MX tutorials are actually harder than just writing PHP code line for line by looking at a book… because, for one thing, I open a php file and it’s completely blank white, so there’s nothing to look at but code. This might be because I can’t seem to set up the Remote Site and Testing Server features properly for some reason. (Oh, I do all my FTPing through Dreamweaver, but as soon as I try for dynamic content, I’m screwed in the behind with a chainsaw).

Are there some really, really easy tutorials you would recommend?

Ready to cry and possibly have a nervous breakdown,
Kode Makesmedie

P.S. Don’t get me started on my XML database research that was 2 full days of wasted time.