E-mail submit form(newsletter)

Hello every one.

My “question” or problem is that I’m not very good at Dreamweaver even though I know the basics and I use it whith my site to put the Flash Files(.SWF). My problem is that i whant to make part on my site that says: “join the Newsletter” and bellow is a field that says: E-Mail: write your email here

What I whant is that this e-mail is e-mailed to my e-mail or put in some page of my site, for example [http://www.mysite.net/newsletterEmails.html(don’t](http://www.mysite.net/newsletterEmails.html(don’t) clik the link) or something of the sort.

I know this is possible because for example in Adobe.com (and otehr sites) there is a join the Edge newsletter etc.

Thank you in advance!"

-LFOC :block: