Earth Quke in califrona

there was a earth quke today at around 3:50 and was 60 miles from tawana. i was playing moh:aa and all of a sudden no one was moveing. and then i turn around and my house is shakeing!!!
it wansnt long but yet i bet it hit really hard other places. the news on tv said it was a 5.0

I don’t even know where tawana is. But I didn’t feel anything and 5.0’s pretty big.


small town, just south of San Diego…

I figured it out after seeing the story on the evening news…

Oh, TJ. That’s not even in California. But you can still feel it in San Diego County I guess. Tijuana is not exactly a small town. :wink:

I moved this thread Thunder Horse. The news section is primarily for posting computer/web related news :slight_smile:

I was joking…


We have had a few here on the east coast. I slept through them, my science teacher was up for one of htem, she thought it was a big arse truch passing her house, the plates i guess shook for a second.

You dont usually feel them cause of all the lava rock we have over here. Or thats what i learned in 6th grade.

I don’t know if that’s true, but they probably aren’t that big anyway.

I’ve never been in one but I guess they would be pretty scary, it’s weird how in a situation like that the first thing everyone talks about is the scale…it’s a 5.0 or whatever

I just love it when nature turns round and reminds us who owns the planet, not the death part of that show, I mean the show of power and destruction.

Before I die I want to see a tornado. A real life kansas style tornado, with my own eyes and to be in it’s path…cool. Even now talking about it a big smile spreads across my face. :beam:

Whats a Earth Quke?

It’s “an” Earth Quke. They have them all the time in Califrona.

until it gets up to over 7.0, we don’t pay attention.

Now in '89 when the 8.1 hit during the World Series…

Now that was an Earth Quke…


¡ wow ! a earth quke summerwarz in teh neberhood of tawana …¿ isin that down in bawhaw caleefornya ??

…sorry, couldn’t resist :wink:

screw earthquakes!

I love the northeast and will never leave.

Those of us in the west, Thank you profusely!



Screw earthquakes? - Well, screw hurricanes then!