Easing in, easing out

hello, i am new to the kirupa forums, though i have been following the tutorials for about a week now.

anyways i have read some tutorials about easing a movie clip to a location using AS. i have a banner about 480x130 and i am trying to ease a slogan in, and after a few seconds ease it out (on _x axis), and then ease in the next segment of the slogan.

a good example of the effect can be seen here:


Easing is a pretty simple concept: Bit-101’s Easing Tutorial

The way it works is you find the distance you want to move on that axis, and then add on that amount divided by a number (making the amount smaller). If you iterate that loop the ampount you move gets smaller because the the distance gets smaller thus creating an easing effect. (I think Bit-101 explained it better).

_x += (tx-_x)/5; //tx is the target x coordinate and 5 is the amount to divide by. Adjust this to change the effect

Thanks J,

I understand the easing in effect pretty well. But where I get stuck is on how to ease out…I have played with it all lats ngiht with no success, I almot got it when I put a stop; on the first frame and at the end of the enterframe function I put gotoandplay(2);

with the easing out coords on that.

I ended up getting frustrated and coming here for help.

for easing out you could just use acceleration (it would look the same, unless your moving to another point):

ax = .5; //acceleration
vx += ax; //velocity
_x += vx; //adjust x accordingly

Hey Tennis,

check this link out http://laco.wz.cz/tween/ there is really nice component the will do really cool easing for you. I have been using it, and I love it :slight_smile: