Easing on motion tween

ok, i put a square on a movie clip. On the 5th frame, i carried it, 10-15 cm right. And i put that movie clip on the scene. How can i ease the movement of the square in movie clip?

Click on one of the frames containing your motion tween.
At the bootom, under Properties there is an option called ‘Easing’. Default value is 0. Using the slider you can change it from -100 (easing in) to 100 (easing out)

What’s easing?

Wow! i tought i had to use AS. Thanks.
By the way, easing is. … hmm… easing, it is easing. I mean, it gets slower and slower each frame.

Ok thanks. Is there a way to make it smoother and smoother? Lol, im serious.

Hope you got it!

Easing - biases the rate of tweening to the start or end of the tweened timeline period

Yes, a little technical answer

and you can do it with AS as well.

see for instance http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/followease.htm