Smoother movement, please?

hi ,

a few days back i posted a thread requesting , how one could do the main flash animation at on their homepage.

though i could achieve the partial effect there, i am not able to get the smooth movement on their homepage in my flash animation. the movement in my flash animation seems very abrupt and well not smooth as theirs. ( i suspect they have written some actionscript.)

could you help me out in achieving a smoother movement, please?



no that definitely did not work!(i had tried that earlier)

remember the sliding menu tutorial where ilyas made the menu movement smooth? he wrote some action script to make the menu move smoothly and did not increase the frame rate

i did increase the frame rate earlier before posting this but the result was just QUICK MOVEMENT BUT NOT SMOOTH MOVEMENT.


and thanks 4 replying

Increase the FPS then increase the amount of frames your tween takes to finish to slow it down.

Increasing the FPS does make it go faster, but it also makes it go smoother. So for smoother and still slow, you have to change the speed of your tween (length).

Also try to use the easing in and out on your tweens. It gives a nice smooth physics effect to your tweens.

thank you sintax . i guess i forgot about that.(using easing in method).


heh this is probably a dumb question but, whats easing in and out your tweens?! i probably know it just didn’t know what it was called or somethin :slight_smile:

when you click on the frame that starts a motion tween, you will see, in the properties panel, all the tween options. There is an option called easing with values that can go from -100 to +100. Changing these values you´ll make your tween begins slower and ends faster or vice-versa.

Like a rolling ball that is faster when begins to roll and is slowing down till stops.

Got it?

oh never knew that…sounds fun :slight_smile:

IT really gives your amimation a realistic effect with easy physics. You can also try over animating. I don’t know how to explain this clearly so I’ll make a fla after work. I will also put some easing on to show you what it can do.

wow cool, thanks =)