Easter Pic

I took this photo on Easter, then played with it in pshop.

whattaya think?


i like it…

but at first i thought that the original photo was the one on the left, until i realised that you can’t really do that kind of effect in a camera…

of course my stupidity isn’t your fault :smiley:

i really like that effect, and it’s a good shot to use it on too. Must have taken you a while to carefully mask all the areas :-\


It’s kinda cool :smiley:

How about making the tree b&w in the right pic ? Check that out! haha

kewl! Maskin them leaves and stuff is fokin hard!

just paint away the colour Syko lol. its really easy. gotta be careful thouhh.

@ Unflux. ****! Looks good man@!

glad you like it :slight_smile:

I didn’t want to ruin all the color to make it pure b&w, and since
the flowers was originally what got my attention I wanted to keep
their color in.

As far as how, pretty easy. It’s just a b&w version under the color
one, I zoomed way in and erased the color away. :stuck_out_tongue:

here is unflux’s futer done up my way :beam:

unflux… really purdy ful, great idea, ive always wanted to do that just never got around to it

grrr, maybe ur site is down, or maybe my computer is retarded… but i cant see it :frowning:

o well, ill just assume its amazing:


i was runnign maintenence and rebooted. should be fine now, sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

*Originally posted by mdipi.com *
**here is unflux’s futer done up my way :beam: **

good one mdipi :beam:


yeah its a sweet effect and looks great.

its even better because it so easy to do… :slight_smile:

0o0o0o it looked like the camera angle changed… but it didnt… the colors are playing mind tricks on me. Anyways very nice pictures. You must have high megapixel camera.

i think that you can get pictures of that quality from something as low as a 3mp camera… but i arent entirely sure what the piXelige on the picture is…