Photo project

What do you all think of this image?
Thanks in advance


i like hkow one side is normal and the other isnt. good job

its pretty good, but its not dark enough. nice work though.

It does seem a little “bright” for my style. But for some reason, it fits. I thought it was interesting that the image looks so much better on the “bright side”
Thanks for the feedback :beam:

looks a bit photoshop filterish

yeah it does looklike a filter if you really look, but that would only be notiable to us PS users :\

I didn’t use Photoshop at all. What is a filter? =) lol
No, it’s PS over an old photo I took. It was originally half B&W
and half color with some sort of plastic wrap. I imported it from Microsoft PhotoDRAW. I do think it is interesting looking and wanted to share…
So, do you think it looking like an obvious PS project is a bad thing?
Thanks for the input…
Much appreciated!! :thumb:

very nice picture, your footer is too big though

maximum size in height 60 pxels

[EDIT] W00T 800 posts[/EDIT]

still a cool footer though.

Wow so if you didnt use a filter in PS, more power to you!

That was a joke…
I filtered the H–L out of that pic!!! hahaha
Footer is 60 pix tall now…
I wanted to show my new toon…:wink:
I really am that ugly…