Has anyone any experience with installing EasyPHP - www.easyphp.org??

Here’s the thing;

Sometime ago it took me two days to install Apache (to my W2k machine) and get it to work. A further day finally saw me successfully install PHP. But try and get MySQL to work was too much. Since then I’ve looked around for a one-stop shop for all this to get a WAMP server together so I can try some dynamic sites.

To get EasyPHP to work I had to uninstall Apache (arghh!) and PHP. Now I’m at this stage … MySQL works (wa’hey!) but apache does not. I am getting a ‘another wenb server uses the web port’ message. This, after looking through their FAQ is probably Norton Internet Security (personal firewall). They say "grant apache.exe access to port 80’ … but NIS does not give you the ability to give access on a port-by-port basis.

Any help is gratefully recieved, even if you know a better system / solution I should be trying!!