Eating the same thing every day for a long time!

I was one of these people for many years. My food of choice: extra toasted bread, butter, Nutella. Even today, I have a craving for it and try to eat it whenever I can…which isn’t as often as I’d like. I blame growing older.


My girlfriend is very careful about things like Nutella and stuff that contain bad content. She have taught me to eat healthy and change food frequently. I wonder if you don’t get sick of it and try to change? I usually do eat something a week and change because I get sick of it.

Nutella every day does sound a bit scary. It is basically just sugar. I don’t know what you would eat for your other meals, so can not really judge. Still, wouldn’t do it myself.

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You’d better make the diet more balanced, eating the same thing over and over will make you grow hatred for it in the future. Additionally, Nutella ain’t that good either.
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For me, I could eat the same thing every day but I don’t be variety is the spice of life! :grinning: