How much do you eat?

I was watching the program on TV about America’s fattest city, Houston, Texas. There was a woman in it who was, get this, 44 stone! She couldent even walk, needed an electric wheelchair to go out.

That is insane, 44 stone is more than about me plus three or four friends put together!

Alot of people eat more fast food in a day than I eat in months, I had a Burger King on Thursday last week, the first fast food meal iv had in months.

There was also a guy who ate a 32oz steak in 25mins. I find an 8oz steak pretty **** filling.

I don’t get it, do people not see how unhealty it is to be so obese?

The over-weight % is pretty bad here in England too, but im pretty sure its not nearly as bad as in the US, probably beacuse there is ‘Super-Size’ over there, which is insanely big, the largest size here (which I can’t eat), is medium over there. A Super-Size coke has 46 tea-spoons of sugar in it, thats ALOT!

I don’t want to offend anyone, but I was interested in how much people eat, and how it is different amoungst all the different nationalities of people on this board.