ED is Back!

yep… they’re back!


yay! :stuck_out_tongue:

good deal

BTW who ever did that to your footer is cruel man…just plain cruel.

thats the best news ive heard since… oh my baby!

seriously though, that is really good news (especially now i have a new job!)



yep… they have some good books :slight_smile:

and uh… who did what to my footer :q:


And fester: Ahmed uses Shared Objects to store the image you create in his footer for you to see later. No one else sees what you did to his footer :wink:

dang it i just wrote “im a dork” to myself then… D’OH!

ahhh few! * mike returns all 30 of the same FOE books back to Noble & Barnes *

who’s ed?

well who cares? its his friends that matter

I’m so glad to hear that

Wohoo!!! That is great =)