Editable Combobox Issues

I’ve created a class that extends combobox, but I’m having issues with its editable text. From my testing I believe these issues exist with the default combobox as well.

First, I set the editable text using the .text property. This text appears in the combo box. However, when I trace the .value property, nothing is there. Next, after editing the text, the .value property is set to what the user typed in. I then try to set the editable text using the .text property, but it has no affect and does not change the .value property.

Since the .value property is not editable, I’m completely stuck as to how I can consistently set the editable text so that it also appears in the combobox and updates the .value property.

I’m using Flash CS4 and Actionscript 3.0. Thanks for any help, I would appreciate any ideas.