Editing JPG's in Flash, Mouseovers, Buttons

Hello there,

This is probably a simple question for all computer whiz’s, but I’ve only had Flash MX for a couple of weeks and have got myself totally stuck…

Is it possible to edit a JPG image in Flash MX, if so, how?

What I have done is created an image in Photoshop which I wish to use as a menu bar, but I’d like to have certain sections change color when a mouse passes over it (i.e. one single image with one bit saying ‘News’ another saying ‘Reviews’ etc etc all as one image).

But in the button editing section (where the timeline appears as Up, Over, Down and Hit) I am unable to ‘fill’ the background area that I wish to change when a mouse passes over it. I can change the area around the image, but not the image.

Why is this and how can I edit the image?

Why cant I just ‘fill’ the background area of a section when I’m in the ‘Over’ section of the timeline so that it appears as a mouse over?

…Hope the above makes sense…???

Any response would be welcome, please remember I’ve only had this for a couple of weeks, so please keep responses as simple and as much in ‘English’ as possible.

WebGirl x