Editing video in flash

Once i have imported an mpg file, how do i break down the movie so i can edit it?
The mpg i have impoted is about 4 minutes long, but i only want to display a few certain sequences of a few seconds from within the movie. How do get these sections of video so that they are are by themselves. At the minute the video appears to function like one long frame, and i cannot delete parts of the movie.
Any help you can give me would be apreciated

Hello David,
Once you have the movie imported, go to File | Export as Image. Select JPEG sequence. Your movie will now be exported as a series of many JPEG images. Now, here comes the painful part. In a new animation, import the first JPEG image by going to File | Import. Flash will prompt you to import all the images (because it notices that they are numbered numerically). You can now manually edit out images (which are basically movie frames) that you don’t need by removing them from the stage. Hope this helps.

Kirupa :bandit:

Flash is a vector animation tool, not a video editor!
Same as for sounds, you need to do your editing before importing into Flash;
get a free tool like Virtual Dub (or do a search on Google) to cut out the parts you need, THEN import.