Edwin HELP brotha'!

edwin… i need some help… u have massive 2d talent so i wanted to see those wallpapers you made… i have a drawing i made 3 years ago using a micron .005 mm technical pen, the character i drew stands 18 inches tall. i JUST scanned it in last night and wanted to make a schnazzy background but i never really experimented with graphic art… hit me up with some links to those wallpapers u made before with the 3d shtuff… i cant seem to find the topic its under in any of these forums anymore.


also i drew some characters last year and i imported them into flash…go to my site and under SWF look at 2 guys. :slight_smile:

it jsut pooped out on me and keeps saying i cant acces nothing… all ur thunbnails went buh bye too… and BTW… ur from afghanistan? or u are there?

bleh. i dont know whats up and im NOT from NOR do i live in the country getting bomobed. lol I just thought it was funny,

its not but ok anyways… and i dunno… i was lookin at it and POOF they all went blank

are you runing windows XP?

oh god no… it didnt support ANYTHING on my comp… i have win2k professional