Email field in flash

I am currently designing my website right now, and in the contact section I want to have three fields of imput that will be sent to my email. The three fields will be filled out manually by the person. Their email, Their Name, The Message. I don’t really know about dynamic text fields and that stuff…so help is most appreciated. Thanks in advance -Stone6

A bit like this?

How about one for ASP? :frowning:

Screw ASP. Viva la revolution de open source!! In short: use PHP dude. :wink:

I would agree with you however at times asp can be more flexible, meaning with different versions you can make stand-alone apps that you can’t do in php.

that should do just what you want with a bit of your own tweaking (ie adding two more flash elements and using the new variables in your script)

Thanks BP, I’ll check it for sure. Cheers.
Now if you could only lend me a hand with my preloader looping dilemma. :slight_smile: