Email forms HELP PLEASE!

I made a simple email form in flash. I want it to where there can be more than one input textbox that puts the text into the body of an email. i used the following code on the send button.

“mailto:” +recipient+ “?subject=” +subject+ “&body=” +body

i want the text from a few input boxes to all go into the body of the email. I have messed around with the script but nothing. help would be good thanks

i think that you must work with a servers side script like asp or php to do this. with flash you can only open outlook



This is possible.

For example, you have several input boxes that you want to be included in the body of the email.

These have the variable names of ‘FIRSTNAME’, “SURNAME” and “AGE”.

To assign these to the ‘BODY’ variable you simply do it in actionscript before the call to Outlook.

body = firstname + surname + age;
(You may have to play with the formatting for this)

Hope this helps.

but when you work with mailto, it wil open outlook or i’m wrong?

youire right, what you have to do is use a cgi, php mailTo script or any odd language to send the variables to…

But the original question doesn’t mention using server side technolgoy.

It says that what to amalgamate textfields to put into an email.
This doesn’t involved Server Side.

But by making BODY a variable you can then use MAILTO to open outlook and populate the body with text.

I agree you would need to if it were a form and you wanted FLASH to send an email itself but I don’t think that is the actual question.