Embed fonts

var bdy:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
bdy.color = 0x60503B;
bdy.font = "hnbc-13";

var tfield:TextField = txt.createTextField("txtfld",txt.getNextHighestDepth(),0,0,0,0);
tfield._width = 460;
tfield._height = 500;
tfield.multiline = true;
tfield.wordWrap = true;
tfield.html = true;
tfield.htmlText = "RAGE";
tfield.embedFonts = true;

That works. But the problem is when I change the text in the text field is the problem. I just stops displaying.

_parent.txt.txtfld.htmlText = article.firstChild.childNodes[2].attributes.text.replace("[","<").replace("]",">");

I have the font in the library, and linked. I know it’s done right since it works for the first time. But after that no go.

Any thoughts on this?