Embedded Font Questions

Hi Everyone,

I have a few questions regarding embedded fonts, and hope someone out there can help me answer them.

—Question One:

If you import fonts as symbols into the Library in Flash’s IDE, are those font symbols available only to the document class, or can they be used by other classes? Do those other classes need to be passed a reference to it?

—Question Two:

This seems to be standard way to embed fonts into a class:

[Embed(source=“Arial.ttf”, fontName=“embeddedFont”, fontWeight=“bold”, advancedAntiAliasing=“true”, mimeType=“application/x-font”)]
private var EmbeddedFontClass:Class;

My question is, the class, “EmbeddedFontClass”, isn’t instantiated or assigned a value. How does the compiler know that it should use this class for the font? It this a wierd hack? (it seems like very un-standard AS3.0 to me)


—Question Three:

Often embeding fonts using the above method doesn’t work. I’ve done lots and lots (and lots!!) of testing and the transcoder is very picky about which fonts it finds acceptable. It really likes .otf fonts but often not .ttf

I found out that there are 3 different font managers used to transcode fonts, and although the correct one is supposed to be selected automatically, this doesn’t always happen.


The solution to this in Flex is to add this additional compiler argument:


My question is, does anyone out there know how to force the AFEF font manager in the Flash IDE?

Thanks everyone!