Embedding buttons in Movie Clips

Hello Everyone,

I am an intermediate Flash user with a question: I am creating an entire Flash site by linking between scenes. However, the buttons that take the user between scenes are embedded in a Movie Clip (I did this so that I could manipulate the clip’s alpha transparency for a fade effect. Anyway, I am wondering if this affects the functionality of the buttons, or if there is something else I’m doing wrong. The buttons don’t take me anywhere… am I not allowed to have them embedded in a movie clip?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey crzydimnd,
You will need to add a _root before the line of your actions containing the “next scene” code. For example:

on (release) {

Notice the placement of _root. Place that in your code, and you will find that switching between scenes becomes a reality :slight_smile:

Kirupa :asian:

Hey Kirupa,
Thanks for the prompt reply. I will try that, but what if I want to go to a specific scene and frame number? I tried doing this:
{ gotoAndPlay(“portfolio”, 1);

is my syntax incorrect, or does that not work? Again, thanks a lot for your help.