Embedding HTML in XML using CDATA Problem (urgent)

Can someone help me please with this, i’m having MAJOR issues, I’ll post the code for my actionscript and my XML. Everything looks like it should work, but I still see the HTML tags in my text boxes when I play the movie. Need this ASAP. I’m just trying to get the first node figured out using this test sample. Need immidiate help, please.

Appreciate it


myTextField.html = true;
var myXMLObject:XML = new XML();
myXMLObject.ignoreWhite = true;
myXMLObject.onLoad = function() {
    var myText:XMLNode = myXMLObject.childNodes[0];
    if (myText.nodeName == "navigation") {
        for (var count = 0; count<myText.childNodes.length; count++) {
            var currentNode:XMLNode = myText.childNodes[count];
            set("text_"+(count+1), currentNode.childNodes[0].nodeValue);
            set("title_"+(count+1), currentNode.attributes.Title);
            myTextField.text = text_1;
            myTitleText.text = title_1;


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    <myText Title="News"><![CDATA[Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Quisque sodales, <b>ante in tincidunt gravida</b>, est ante lacinia nisl, sit amet rutrum nibh tellus a dui. Etiam tellus <b>lorem</b>, facilisis luctus, aliquam et, molestie ac, libero. Curabitur purus. In nec mi. Nulla elit. Suspendisse sagittis lectus sit amet nisl. <b>Vestibulum aliquet</b> tellus eget metus. In posuere neque. Praesent placerat. Maecenas libero. Donec scelerisque convallis metus.]]> </myText>
    <myText Title="BIOGRAPHY">Biography</myText>
    <myText Title="Media">This is where Media will go.</myText>
    <myText Title="Photos">This is where Photos will go.</myText>
    <myText Title="Tours">This is where Tours will go.</myText>
    <myText Title="Community">This is where a Link to the boards will go.</myText>
    <myText Title="Links">This is where Links will go.</myText>