Embedding in Flex Actionscript Projects

So I’ve taken to doing a few things and I would like comments on it please.

I like Flex as a development environment because of the way it organizes classes; I’ve been makingActionScript projects in Flex. However, since I still kind of like building the interface in Flash, rather than using MXML, I will make a flash file, and then embed the .swf in Flex using something like this:

    [Embed(source="multipleChoice.swf", symbol="multipleChoice")]
    public class MultipleChoiceGame extends MovieClip
        public function MultipleChoiceGame() {

Where ‘multipleChoice’ is the name of a symbol in the library of multipleChoice.swf

If I just try to use:


then I get an error that it “results in generated code, cannot use existing class ‘MultipleChoiceGame’”

Is there any way to embed the contents of the stage of the .swf rather than having to embed a symbol?

Also, when I search for examples of embedding, I usually find people doing stuff like this:

[/FONT] [FONT=monospace][[/FONT]Bindable]
public var Logo:Class;

Is there a reason why my method isn’t more popular?