Embedding these fonts?

What are the rules for embedding fonts? How do I go about embedding them? Do I need to with these fonts?

FFF Access and _sans

There are so many items out there discussing this, I have no idea what is going on.

I’m currently using the FFF one in my menu items and the _sans in a dynamic text box.

Please help.


With embedding the fonts, type all the info you need within the dynamic field. Since the fonts you have chosen are not aavaible on every user’s computer, select the dynamic text field, go to “characters” in the properties window, select “all characters” and press “close”. Now that should embed the font.

On a small note, try to search the forums next time. It does help you more than us since it would be quicker as answers have already been replied to. This is my first reply to this forum in a while also :pleased: