Empty movie clip loading swf which contains variables

Hi All,

I am going to approach this newbie problem from a different angle. It is on tracing variables. I have a attached main.fla, movieclip.fla, and movieclip.swf.

If you run main.fla from within flash you’ll notice the actionscript on the first frame of main.fla is loading movieclip.swf into an empty movie clip called container on the first frame of main.fla. No problem.

In movieclip.swf I assigned three values to three different variables, a, b and c, on the first frame of moviclip.swf(See movieclip.fla) like this:
a = 1;
c 1.234556;

Also, in the first frame of main.fla, there was actionscript as follows:

trace (_root.container.a);
trace (_root.container.b);
trace (_root.container.c);

Now each of the above traces produced undefined results when I ran main.fla from within flash. And yes I had complied moviclip.swf. Why did I get undefined results? What concept am I not grasping?

A simple one for the masters.

From the newbie,