Problem accessing variables in a loaded .swf

As the subject says: I am having a problem accessing variables in a loaded flash movie.

As my understanding goes (someone please correct me if I am wrong), if I load a flash movie into a parent movie (i.e. ‘loadMovie(“myMovie”, emptyClip);’), I should be able to access the loaded movie’s variables using dot-syntax.

As an example, say I have two movies: MainMovie.swf, and SubMovie.swf. SubMovie.swf contains a (global) variable called someText. After loading SubMovie into an empty movie clip called “emptyClip”, MainMovie.swf should be able to access the aforementioned variable by saying “emptyClip.someText”, right…? Well, when I try this I keep getting an undefined value for the variable.

I have attached the files containing this implementation. If anyone has any suggestions or idea, I would greatly appreciate hearing them.