Enable MCs to pass behind one another to give simple 3d effect

Hey All,

I’m making a basic 3d platform shoot em up using ActionScript 1.0.

I need a fairly simple script (using swapdepths or something even simpler if possible) to place on a number of different movie clips (6 in total) so that when they rise up the y-axis, and when one MC rises above the other, it moves behind it to give the required 3d effect.


Elements 1 and 2 have a y-axis reading of 310 are on a lower depth to Element 3 which has a y-axis reading of 280. When Element 3 climbs the screen and reaches and surpasses 310 it should become the Element with the lowest depth.

I’m fairly new to actionscript and am struggling a little here.

All help greatly appreciated.