Encleverment Experiment

Test your mental faculties with Professor Ivor’s Questions experiment in this brand new online game! Based on the Encleverment Experiment Xbox 360 arcade game, play 3 fun-filled minigames and track your results to see just how Enclevered you can get!


Semi-Vinyls: The Professor’s precious record collection has been shattered! Spot the shards that go together and fix the broken records!

Teleporter Troubles: Help to repair the teleporter by memorizing the face that goes in and picking the correct one from the four that pop out the other end!

Griddled: Use your powers of observation to track down the Professor’s password in the tangled web of letters!

Time is of the essence – the more quickly you answer, the more points you receive. The better you do, the more quickly you’ll rise up the Professor’s progress chart – can you reach the top and become truly Enclevered?

Let me know what you think?