English premiership

you know I was going to post an image of it here but I can’t find one anywhere, not even on the official Arsenal site (not for sale until September)

anyone seen an image of it :h:

sorry Arsenal fans but…

Vieira’s leaving :*(

Arsenal’s in big trouble now, who are they gonna get to replace this guy. Alex Feguson must have a big smile on his face

wow, to real madrid, thats great for real madrid… very solid player. Who is going to replace him…well they still have the two brazilian players, Gilberto and Edu.

yeah but they can’t replace Vieira

Gilberto looked good when he arrived but he’s been a bit disappointing near the end of the season and Edu’s ok but he can’t do what Vieira does.

Davids maybe :h:

yeah theres no doubt that those two cant do the job viera could do, but they are the usual fill in since hes been injured.

Davids? aint he with Barca?

oh yeah now you mention it I think he is, I think he signed for them after Euro2004…oh well maybe a bit past his best now anyway

i see what you mean about the brazilians at Arsenal but I think wegner might bring in Vieiras replacement rather than look to the squad

sure will be a hard to replace him. keep me updated if you find out anything.

no probs :thumb:

here is a forum site about soccer and soccer gaming, check it.

this link is in regards to Arsenal