English premiership

Noticing how popular the Euro2004 threads were I thought perhaps a premiership thread was in order and as we near the start of August and the charity shield (or whatever it calls itself nowadays) a preview of the new season, new players, transfers and teams chances.

Before I say anything else can we please hold off posting threads that just say things “COME ON ARSENAL” or something like that…cheers. And to my American brothers please no messages saying something untrue like “SOCCER SUCKS AND BASEBALL ROCKS” cause we (on the other side of the atlantic) don’t agree.

First off here are the transfers for the close season so far…

Seeing as how the season hasn’t started yet predictions for the season are a good place to start.

League Winners: ehm…Chelsea. They’ve got a big squad and an organised manager this time. Not that there was anything wrong with Ranieri, I just think this is their season, particualry with Arsenal not really splashing the cash and losing Patrick in midfield (maybe) and Man Utd. seem to have lost their way a bit. They’ll be contenders but they don’t strike the same fear into teams they used to.

Relegation: Last season was a suprise cause Leeds, who were to big and to good to go down, went down. So this season I’m saying Norwich, WBA and maybe another shock like Man City. I’ve never like Keegan and I don’t think the team did as well as it could’ve done. Mind you if Blackburn don’t get their leaky defence fixed they could go down.

On a personal note I’m sorry to see only one big liverpool signing. We should be signing more…god knows we need them.

Chelsea yes. With Murino, he said “give me 4 years and I will win the premiership”. Man U need to work hard at getting back the cup and arsenal defending their title. Bayern won against Man U on penalty 4-2. :slight_smile: I actually go for both teams but if it had to be bayern against man u, i would pick bayern.

I think Chelsea will win it however I expect big things from Newcastle this year.

Shearers swansong
Kluiverts arrived along with Nicky Butt and that kid from Leeds (sorry I forget his name)
Maybe Robsons last season too

Perhaps a trophy this time for the toon

Man U or Arsenal ta win, not chelsea.
They’ve overpaid for players…carvalho’s good, but not £20m.
You could get Big Sol Campbell fer that price.

Relegation: Norwich, Fulham and Blackburn.

Fulham have made some cack signings except that Papa Diop.

yeah but over paying for players means they’ve over estimated this guys worth, it doesn’t mean they’ve not got the right players.

yeah, i no…just wanted ta point out the fact. I support Blackpool so im probably a lil’ jealous!

see my point about Manu proved. Celtic beat them 2-1 on the american tour. This is the same Celtic who Chelsea and Liverpool thrashed 4-2 and 5-1.

And don’t tell me that Manu would have played a weakened team…any ex-Rangers player (Ferguson) would want to go and beat Celtic every game.

I’m more of a Division 1 girl myself, but I reckon Chelsea could do it this year. If Arsenal are struggling a bit financially and losing players like Viera (if he goes, others might follow), then they might not find it so easy. Particularly if Henry ends up going elsewhere.

Norwich will struggle, they just don’t have the money or the players to compete. Same for Palace. It’s a shame, as I really feel for these clubs. Too good for Division 1 but not good enough to bridge the gulf to the Premier. :sigh:

see my point about Manu proved. Celtic beat them 2-1 on the american tour.

omg. :sigh:

Yeah I see your point minimalistik, it is only a friendly and not very important…just excited to have some evidence to back up something I say :slight_smile:

Hey Kit, not seen you for a while where you been hiding :h:

On a side note Spurs have lost Keane to what looks like a bad injury while playing Rangers and with Kanoute out with a mystery illness, Defoe will be wrapped in cotton for the rest of the preseason…well not literally but you know what I mean.

Man U did put out a weakened side, only roy keane was a regular in the side.
Him and smithy i think, but that was it.

They played Richardson, Eagles . . . and a few more youngsters.

division 1 you mean The Championship now kitiara.

Yeah, what’s with that? Is it some kind of attempt to make the division below the Premiership seem slightly more glamourous? :sure:

YAY!! cant wait for the english premiership to start , should be a cracker this season, most all teams are better than average team, going to be great to watch.

One team i am very interested in seeing is middlesbrough, not only did they pick up fellow Australian Mark Viduka, but also J.Hasslebaink and didnt they get that barcelona defender Rizingar or something like that.

should be interesting… cant wait!!

Thats exactly the thinking behind the rename. It won’t work though, most teams in the division don’t have the cash to bridge the gap so no kind of renames going to glam it up to the heights of the premiership.

Of the teams who were promoted last season two were relegated, Portsmouth escaping the drop thanks to their team and manager who seems to have a knack of finding talent for next to nothing (H Redknapp). I’m curious how many teams have been relegated the season after being promoted.

In fact the gap in the premiership is getting so big that some teams are really struggling with bankruptcy (Villa & Everton spring to mind)

hmm… would that not mean (if almost all teams are better than average) that the average would just go up? just a thought…

haha … grrr jarviscares… yes i was half asleep when i typed that. :lol:

What i meant to say that the quality of teams and players have gone up in the premiership across the board.

Champion League Draws (ROUND 2 - British teams in Red)

[COLOR=Red]Grazer AK v Liverpool[/COLOR]
Juventus v Djurgardens / Kaunas
Tirana / Ferencvaros v Hapoel Tel Aviv / Sparta Prague
Rosenborg / FC Sheriff v Maccabi Haifa
Bayer Leverkusen v Banik Ostrava
[COLOR=Red]Rangers v Neftchi /CSKA Moscow[/COLOR]
Pyunik / Shakhtar Donesk v Club Brugge / Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Dynamo Kiev v Skonto Riga / Trabzonspor
YB / Crvena Zvezda v PSV
[COLOR=Red]Ziliina / Dinamo Bucharest - Manchester United[/COLOR]
Benfica - Anderlecht - **MIGHT BE A GOOD UN
Deportivo La Coruna - Hadjuk Split / Shelbourne
PAOK v HJK Helsinki / Maccabi Tel Aviv
WIT Georgia / Wisla Krakow - Real Madrid
Monaco - NK Gorica / FC Copenhagen

you mean the Championship? what a load of B**l*x

wonder how much it’s cost them to rename the league, you know change advertising, promote the new name, all that sort of stuff…just a waste of cash that could’ve been spent elsewhere if you ask me

has any1 seen the new arsenal blue away kit??
Its proper smart…1 of the nicest kits ive seen!