Engrish masta


After seeing how ppl are amazed by my extensive knowlege in the engrish language, me, a brazillian boy that dances samba and capoeira when not playing soccer or swimming in the woderfull beaches of rio de janeiro with thousands of beautiful brazillian chicks (how on earth i find the time to learn and master the engrish language :stunned: )

I decided to reveal my secret:

::rolling drums::
I learned engrish here!

Ta tá!


If any of you, foreigners or not, want to master the engrish language, enter that link. I assure you, that you´ll master it in no time :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve been on there before… i spent like 2 hours on it… exremely funny :slight_smile: (tho i think it might offent some people… :-\ )

lol i am mos deff gonna look around here!

don´t eat there :stuck_out_tongue:

ah, engrish… the japanese love english. check out this candy from japan. what a hilarious logo!!! how many candies do you know of that have a “thumbs down” on the front?! and the sentence above it all? hilarious!!!
and the funny thing is, it’s actually really yummy. it’s bits of chocolate covered in candy to look like rocks.
<img src=“http://images.jlist.com/c3/sn424.gif”>

Me learn engrish from moovees…

since I was 5 or 6 I’ve been watching subtitled american movies, learned everything from there :cowboy: